A race to Riviera Nayarit

  • The Vallarta Race, a sailing competition from San Diego to Nuevo Vallarta will kick start a true Nautical Extravaganza that will take place in our destination
  • The participating crews will try to break the speed record set last year by the Akela crew, which covered 1,000 nautical miles in 85 hours

In Riviera Nayaritluxury means living an unforgettable Nautical Extravaganza. Next March, our destination will enjoy 10 international competitions that will begin with the Vallarta Race, a traditional bi-yearly competition that’s been taking place for the last 31 years, where daring sailors compete from San Diego, California, to Nuevo Vallarta.
On March 1, the starting shotgun at the San Diego Yacht Club will mark the beginning of the Nautical Extravaganza, which will encompass eight events that will take place in our destination under the umbrella of the Regata Copa México Edición Olímpica.
In 2010, Oceanic class sailboats set an impressive speed record: The winning crew, Akela, covered almost 1,000 nautical miles in a little over 85 hours. And in 2012, we’re expecting more surprises.
Furthermore, this year all the sailboats will arrive just in time to register for the Mexorc competitions, which are part of the Regata Copa México Edición Olímpica that will be taking place in Riviera Nayarit.
Experts consider Riviera Nayarit as one of the best destinations for sports sailing and for a number of nautical sports, as they can be enjoyed year-round. Additionally, our destination offers modern marinas, fiberglass specialists, and technicians that can fix all the gadgets found on a ship, as well as extraordinary touristic services.
The marketing efforts being made by the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Riviera Nayarit include the support of activities like the Nautical Extravaganza, as they guarantee not only to attract competitors to the region, but they also attract important media exposure through the media and networks that cover these events.
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