Do You have a Gluten Free Diet?

The number of people who are now gluten-free in the US is growing by leaps and bounds. This is an issue that hits us on a personal level. Ten years ago ,my grandson Connor was diagnosed with autism. As part of his continuing treatment, our daughter put him on a gluten-free/dairy-free diet almost immediately.

At the time, it seemed like it was going to be so hard to go without the food items we were so used to, but we, as a family, soon figured out that the only time it was hard was when we went out. Very few restaurants at the time had gluten-free/dairy-free menus. Yes, they could bring you a hamburger without the bun and some steamed vegetables, but that is about as good as it got. And forget about going on a vacation! As years have passed and we have added two more grandchildren, our daughter felt it was in the best interest of her family for everyone to go gluten & dairy free. More products were becoming available as a result of research done on the effects of gluten and dairy on the human body. More restaurants now offer special menus and no longer do you have to feel like you are some sort of freak.

But taking a holiday was and still is very hard for people on special gluten or dairy-free diets. That is why when we built our rental villa in Riveria Nayrit, we were committed to bringing fresh, local, gluten-free options to our guests. Having cooked for many years for my daughter and her family, we knew that it was not a tough nut to crack. You just had to learn to cook and think a little differently. We are happy to report that we have had many guests at Casa Lagarto who have been gluten & dairy-free people and they have been shocked about how well they eat at Casa Lagarto. People are afraid that taking a holiday in Mexico will be too hard on this diet, but then found that the local cooks are more
than willing to accommodate. They do not miss out on the local dishes or the “treats” that being on vacation are all about; they only need to express their request and we in the beautiful Riveria Nayrit are more than happy to oblige.