‘Ana María’, absolute champions at Riviera Nayarit

·   A  152,7 kilograms Marlyn catch on Friday 15th, owner Mark Martin and his crew got their second crownof the year on Riviera Nayarit’s fishing tournament
·   Complicated but fun was the second day of competition at Bahía de Banderas, catch of the day was only good to define seconds and third places

The crew on Ana Maria worked hard on Friday 15th to get the best catch on the 5th International Tuna and Marlyn Fishing Tournament at Bahia de Banderas, Riviera Nayarit, and did well with their 152,7 kilograms Marlyn that was enough to register their second championship of the year at Riviera Nayarit, since last June they also won the San Blas Tournament.
Rain falling on Friday night made things difficult for the Saturday fishing, when the two catches of Marlyn registered for the second and third place of the competition, and when just one out of three tunas presented made it for the minimum weight, a 51 kilograms yellow finned caught by Hold On that served to give them the third place on the competition. Therefore, the  65,5 kg catch presented on Friday by My Way and the 65 kg tuna also presented on Friday by Guayabitos Team, stood first and second for the awards ceremony.
Sailfish, which hide on Friday and competed Catch and Release, appeared on Saturday for the crews of Monkey Business and La Nona.
“Two years ago I bought this boat and decided to spend  my time fishing over the Mexican Pacific during the Winter. I’m from Germany but live in Pennsylvania, I come to Riviera Nayarit ever since and have already won six Marlyn Tournaments, including this year´s at San Blas and now Bahia de Banderas, both at Riviera Nayarit. Today (Sunday) we had no luck, but we are still happy because we have won the tourney”, said Mark Martin.
The crew of 007, that arrived early on Sunday with a 105,4 Marlyn –just over the minimum weigth—said that last day of competition wasn´t easy at all. “We were looking for the fish the whole day and could only catch it at La Corbeteña with enough time to get back on the marina”, they said still excited about getting the third place and very close to the jackpot.
Riviera Nayarit is one of the most important fishing destinations in the world, as it offers great fishing year-round and several kinds of fish like wahoo, sailfish, dolphin-fish, tuna, three different species of marlin, sawfish, and snapper, among many others.
Additionally, our destination offers world-class marinas, fiberglass specialists, and technicians that can fix all the gadgets found on a ship, as well as incredible restaurants, luxurious hotels and the complete infrastructure that this sport demands.
1 Ana Maria.  152.7 kg
2 Animal House. 143.4 kg
3. 007 TEAM. 105.4 kg
1 My Way. 65.5 kg
2 Guayabitos. 65 kg
3 Hold On. 51 kg
4 My Way. 48.8 kg
5 Los Matadores. 42.7 kg
Mahi Mahi (special)
1 Drink Team. 12.6 kg
2 Sierra. Acayapan. 10.3 kg
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