Riviera Nayarit, a destination that promotes high quality

Riviera Nayarit is a destination where the warmth of the people and the quality of the services are essential to achieve the best travel experience, and this is why the certification of touristic products is an important asset and a continuous concern for the industry.

At a small but emotional event that took place at the Universidad Tecnologica de Riviera Nayarit, both El Coral Hotel in Lo de Marcos, and Villa Varadero in Nuevo Vallarta, together with the Marsol Restaurant Bar, were recently bestowed with the Distintivo M award by the Tourism Secretariat, certifying the quality of their operations.

Riviera Nayarit regards the improvement of touristic products and travel experiences as a high priority, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CBV) of this destination promotes and provides information to all touristic service providers so that they can access different certification programs offered by the Federal Tourism Secretariat, through the Tourism Secretariat of Nayarit.

The efforts being made by the El Coral and Villa Varadero hotels, which are part of the Hotel and Motel Association of Bahia de Banderas, are an example of the importance that this award has for the touristic industry as a whole in our destination. Even though these are small properties, they’re an example of the work and effort that is required to achieve these important certifications.

The award received by these three venues evidences the constant work being made at Riviera Nayarit to consolidate an attractive destination for tourism, as travel experiences here were qualified by visitors as “Completely satisfactory” in surveys made in 2010.

According to this study, the average rating for travel experience satisfaction was 9 out of 10 points, encompassing a 9.4 in hospitality, 9.1 in tourist safety, 9.2 in hygiene, and 8.8 in information availability.

The Distintivo M is part of the “Moderniza” Quality Program, a system to improve quality. Through this program, touristic businesses can motivate their collaborators and promote their profitability and competitiveness ratings, based in a modern strategy to lead and manage touristic businesses, allowing them to generate conditions that will surpass the expectations of their customers.

The CVB of Riviera Nayarit congratulates the El Coral and Villa Varadero hotels in Nuevo Vallarta, as well as the Marsol Restaurant Bar for this important achievement, which will undoubtedly contribute to attract tourists to our destination.

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