The Riviera Nayarit Half Marathon, a true ‘Jewel’

  • Ema Leticia Joya, whose last name means ‘jewel’ in English, made it for the first place for third time in a row at the 21K race; Salvador Guerrero made it for a dramatic finish on men’s category
  • International Marathonist Dionicio Ceron gave a touch of bright to the event where over 550 runners participated
The Riviera Nayarit Touristic Half Marathon is already a ‘jewel’, not only for the beauty of the route that has been certified by the Mexican Athletics Federation and by the International Association of Athletics Federations, but also because Ema Leticia Joya, whose last name means ‘jewel’ in English, has won it three times in a row after crowning last Saturday November 19th.

With over 550 runners registered for the competition –doubling last year’s list of participants— and the visit of International multimedalist Dionicio Ceron, who trained a group of competitive athletes from Guadalajara, the Third Edition of this marathon had a bright organization.

“Is such a beautiful route, such a gorgeous place that I almost can´t believe I’m still in Mexico. This place is a privilege for al contestants”, said Dionicio Ceron.

In the competition, the first runner to arrive to the finish line was a Masters category Ceron alumnae, running the 10K race. Felipe Reyes beat even the youngest athletes and was thrilled with excitement. “He’s the guilty one, he’s the guilty one”, shouted joyfully pointing in Dionicio’s direction. Angelica Calderon made it for the first place on the women’s 10K competition.

For the 21K men’s race, there was a dramatic finish while Salvador Guerrero almost fainted on the finish line, where he arrived just a few seconds before a photo-finish arrival by Juan Carlos Razo and his own alumnae Carlos Fernando Gonzalez. Electronic system gave Gonzalez the second place.

Finally, at the women’s 21K race Ema Leticia Joya showed why is she the Queen of this route, arriving on the finish line with more than 10 minutes advantage over her closest competitor.

 “High endurance sports are a key niche to attract tourism in Riviera Nayarit, as they deal with people who are strongly focused on achieving goals, and who also have purchasing power and a well developed environmental culture, which provides the ideal conditions to promote our destination and to generate economic benefits for everyone”, said the President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Riviera Nayarit, Fernando González Ortega.

He also highlighted the importance of the marketing efforts that have taken place to attract competitors at similar races in Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Mexico City, and San Luis Potosi, among other cities, reaching over 2,500 direct impacts through printed media.

“This is a job that requires surgical precision, and maybe its numbers are not impressive, but it is a high-yield endeavor because it take place within a market niche that’s interested in traveling here. Furthermore, in terms of promotion and in attracting new tourists, the media coverage received by events such as this one is also very important”, concluded González Ortega.

The CVB of Riviera Nayarit is a public non-profit association dedicated to promoting tourism on the coast of Nayarit, from its southern border with Jalisco in Nuevo Vallarta to Novillero, next to bordering Sinaloa on the North, by integrating the promotion of historic and cultural sites.


CALDERON MORENO ANGELICA                   00:48:52:0
GONZALEZ LEYVA ADA                                               00:50:16:00
RAMIREZ LEON ALICIA                                                 00:50:57:00

REYES MARTINEZ FELIPE                                 00:37:09:00
GALICIA PEREZ ALEXIS                                                00:40:19:00
CASASOLA HINOJOSA JOAQUIN                     00:41:00:00

GONZALEZ LEYVA ADA                                               00:50:16:00
OLMOS VENTURA MA. CRISTINA                   00:51:44:00    
AVI RIVAS ROSA                                                 00:52:18:00

GALICIA PEREZ ALEXIS                                               00:40:19:00    
MARTINEZ JIMENEZ VICENTE                         00:41:05:00
LOMELI ROMERO JUAN PABLO                       00:41:12:00

JOYA EMA LETICIA                                             01:23:58:00    
PE SANCHEZ DINORA                                        01:33:03:00

GERRERO CISNEROS SALVADOR                   01:11:33:00
GONZALEZ QUINTERO CARLOS F.                 01:11:40:00
RAZO JUAREZ JUAN CARLOS                           01:11:42:00

JOYA EMA LETICIA                                             01:23:58:00    
PE SANCHEZ DINORA                                        01:33:03:00    
GONZALEZ HERNANDEZ ELIZABETH                      01:37:26:00

GERRERO CISNEROS SALVADOR                   01:11:33:00    
GONZALEZ QUINTERO CARLOS F.                 01:11:40:00
SANTILLAN RAMIREZ JESUS JAVIER                        01:13:46:00